LearnPress - one of best LMS plugins for WordPress

Best LMS Plugins for WordPress 2016

One quarter of the year 2016 has just passed and the hotness of learning management system and education is still keeping because everyone has to study and learn. Let us make a list to foreseen which are best LMS plugins for WordPress in 2016? This list is based on their functionality and features and I will only showcase outstanding features of each plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins for Learning Management System in 2016


LearnPress - one of best LMS plugins for WordPress
LearnPress – one of best LMS plugins for WordPress

The first item in my list is LearnPress by ThimPress. Just after a nearly one year of development, this free LMS WordPress plugin becomes the no. 1 leading star on the official WordPress plugin directory with more than 4000 active install. The idea of LearnPress’ developers is to create a functional and speedy learning management system or education site. LearnPress comes with simple to use interface to make course creation easier than ever. If you want to change order of lessons, just simply use the drag & drop tool. Besides that, smart keyboard shortcuts are also available to bring convenience for instructors. In order to create quizzes, LearnPress support multiple question types: True or False, Single choice, Multiple choice and Fill in blank. According to ThimPress’ roadmap, more question types are now under development. Apart from course creation, selling course is also a major task of an eLearning system. LearnPress processes this duty very well with flexible payment methods. The 1st method is carried out by WooCommerce plugin. If you want to minimize heavy load for the website, you can choose direct gateways via adds-on: Paypal, Stripe and offline payment. 

How to migrate eLearning data if you want to change to another template is alway big concern for any administrator of LMS or education website. With LearnPress, all data is designed with high portability to help you export/import those data without any struggling. The scalable functionality is also an impressive feature of LearnPress that will be difficult for you to find in any WordPress LMS plugin. To optimize the speed for website, LearnPress only focus on eLearning system and adds-on or extensions will be in charge of additional functions. These add-ons comes with high scalability that you can easily plug and play, depending on your actual demand. 

Other features of LearnPress – one of best LMS plugins for WordPress:

  • Improved UX and UI.
  • bbPress and BuddyPress intergration.
  • Gamification included.
  • Learner tracking.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Multi-sites support.
  • Active customer support via WordPress.org and ThimPress.
  • Frequent updates
  • and so much more…

Price: 0$


LearnDash - best premium eLearning WordPress plugin
LearnDash – best premium eLearning WordPress plugin

If you are looking for a premium item for any sized educational institution and LMS, LearnDash is one of the best LMS plugins for WordPress. It is able to create unlimited courses and lessons in all media type. Quiz in LearnDash has more awesome features than any similar plugin with 8 question types: single choice, multiple choice, free text choice, sorting choice, matrix choice, fill-in-the-bank, essay and survey. More than that, it also support: time limits, statistics answer, progression block, attempts limit, leaderboard display, question review, certificates & levels, result comparison option, quiz prerequisites, question and answer random, display category scores, email quiz results, import/export quizzes, post question messages…In order to manage the learning management system, LearnDash uses ProPanel which gives you best experience by consolidating reporting and assignment management. Besides that, it allows you to have actual look and feel before make any configuration.

As an advanced plugin, LearnDash includes Tin-Can API which is the new technical specification for eLearning. Tin-Can API will capture and store learning activities of users. Similarly to LearnPress, extensions of LearnDash are also very scalable. Based on users’ contribution, developers will actively build adds-on. Currently, there are 26 premium and free extensions in LearnDash, more will be coming to make a complete learning management system . This WordPress LMS plugin also support multi languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, German, and Italian. Of course, it is a big mistake if customer support of LearnDash is not mentioned. With skillful support team, active user community and contributed contents, they will quickly clear away all your problems or inquiries.

Price: 159$ for basic package


Courseware - LMS WordPress plugin
Courseware – LMS WordPress plugin

Courseware by Flyplugins is the next guy in the compilation today. Courseware implements the learning management system very well with the ability to create unlimited courses, modules, lessons, quizzes, surveys and students. Courses in Courseware are custom post types and could be free or premium. It is very easy to add video or audio in courses. Besides that their settings are also very flexible to help you configure deeply.

Quiz in Courseware supports 4 question types: multiple choice, true or false, open-ended and file uploaded and comes with advanced features such as: optional or compulsory marked, time limit, feedback customized basing on question tags, downloadable result in PDF file, instructor grade book, email notification…

The most outstanding feature of Courseware is membership intergration via extensions such as: Memberpress, Membersonic, s2 Member, Member Mouse, Magice Members, Paid Memberships Pro to secure all your courses, modules and payments. Another beneficial thing of Courseware is WP Achivement which integrates game elements (so-called gamification) into courses to motivate learners and create a funny learning environment.

Price: 99$ for two-site licence.


Sensei - the best WordPress LMS plugin
Sensei – the best WordPress LMS plugin

WooThemes is a well-known author of WordPress themes and plugins. Sensei is built by them to be the best WordPress LMS plugin in the market. For the role of a learning management system, Sensei is also working out of the box with easy content creation, prerequisite setting for courses and lessons, quick user registration, quiz grading…The course analysis in Sensei is really amazing that gives you an overview of content, scores, and registers…If you want to have a report, just export it into .CSV file. Upon completion of any lesson and course, user will get email notification. Besides that the private messaging is also built-in without any additional plugin.

Other features of Sensei – best eLearning plugin for WordPress:

  • Social sharing for learning programe.
  • Many way to design certificate and grade.
  • 6 question types supported: multiple-choice, true/fall, gap fill, single line, multi-line, file upload.
  • Question bank.
  • Quiz grading.
  • 7 free extensions: Sensei certificates, course progress, media attachments, course participant, share your grade, Pango Sensei module collapse, BuddyPress for Sensei.
  • 2 premium extensions: Content drip, BadgeOS.
  • and so much more

Price: 129$ for single site.


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