popular e-learning wordpress plugins

E-learning WordPress Plugins Comparision

WordPress is an amazing platform to run an online course. It offers everything you need to teach and sell online courses. In order to make your site as an LMS theme, you need to add plugins to give your e-course the functionality that students need to learn online and teachers need to teach online.

Below are two popular premium E-learning WordPress plugins you should consider if you’re thinking about using WordPress as the eLearning platform to help you deliver your eCourses.

1. LearnDash – one of top e-learning WordPress plugins

LearnDash is an e-learning plugin for WordPress that adds all the features to your website necessary to build an online learning management system.

popular e-learning wordpress plugins

The learning material are included: courses, lessons and lesson topics. Courses and lessons can have their own prerequisites to manage the progression of students from one level to the next.

Among the e-learning WordPress plugins, LearnDash is the best option when you want to run a business using online coures. This e-learning plugin allows  the creation of an unlimited number of courses, lessons and topics. You also have the usual quiz options too, and can use these to block progress on the course based on pass scores. You can create completion certificates too. You can also create pre-requisite courses. An extra addition is that you can require students to upload assignments that you then need to approve before they can progress further.

An example of topic quiz
An example of topic quiz

LearnDash also gives you the ability to drip-feed your lesson content. This allows you to set content to be released on a certain time scale, instead of just through course progression and quizzes.

If you want to earn money from your website and online courses, LearnDash give you many options, including selling access for a one-time fee, or charging users a subscription fee. PayPal, 2CheckOut, and JigoShop are the supported payment gateways for handling the online financial transactions.

Like other e-learning WordPress plugins, LearnDash works well with any WordPress theme and you can customize the look and feel to match your site.

2. Sensei – a good choice in e-learning WordPress plugins

Sensei is also the best choice if you just want to sell your courses as products rather than as part of a membership site.

e-learning wordpress plugins

With this plugin installed on your website you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Like LearnDash, you can also create pre-requisite courses.

The Sensei LMS plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, helping its features to blend in with the rest of the core WordPress functionality. This makes it easy to pick up and get started with this plugin.

You don’t need a membership plugin to use Sensei, and the registration for courses is quick and easy. However, you need to install the Woocommerce plugin (free) as well as Sensei in order to set up payments and access to your products. So, as well as setting up your course in the Sensei settings, you will also need to set up Woocommerce, integrate your payment provider and create your course as a product.

If you’ve had experience of any of these e-learning WordPress plugins or have a question then I’d love to hear from you, put your thoughts below!


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