eLearning WordPress Plugin - CoursePress vs LearnPress

eLearning WordPress Plugin: CoursePress vs LearnPress

Continuing our series of learning management system blogs, I am going to make further eLearning WordPress Plugin review between CoursePress vs LearnPress. You might wonder why I have many articles about LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin? Am I intending something? Yes, I have so much love on this eLearning WordPress plugin and I just want you to have clearer understanding about it.

eLearning WordPress Plugin comparison between: CoursePress vs LearnPress

With same structure of the previous blog, firstly I will make a comparison table of major features between two WordPress LMS plugins:

Features LearnPress CoursePress
Unlimited Courses Yes Yes
Unlimited Lessons Yes Yes
Unlimited quizzes/questions Yes Yes
Multimedia Lessons Yes Yes
Compatible with any WordPress Themes Yes Yes
Email notifications Yes No
Create Certificates Yes Yes
Statistics Yes No
bbPress Forum Yes Yes
Import/Export Yes No
BuddyPress integration Yes No
Support Whole life 1 year
Add-ons available Yes No

Looking at the table above, we see the similarities and the differences between CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin and LearnPress. From that, you determine necessary features for your demands.

Details Comparison between CoursePress vs LearnPress

In order for you to have better understand about features of each eLearning WordPress plugin and to make sure with your choice, in this section I will introduce some basic features and characteristics of CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin and LearnPress.

CoursePress – eLearning WordPress plugin

 eLearning WordPress plugin - CoursePress
eLearning WordPress plugin – CoursePress

CoursePress varied WordPress into a powerful and useful online learning platform. It helps you establish online courses, manage and sell them easily.

With CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin, you do not have to worry of building video training courses which allow users to upload and download content, create quiz, share audio and more. Because it is really simple to set up a comprehensive course in terms of both UX and the front end output. CoursePress – eLearning WordPress plugin not only offers paid courses but also provides free courses, preview the video to attract new users.

eLearning WordPress plugin - CoursePress elements create a course
eLearning WordPress plugin – CoursePress elements create a course

An interesting thing is discussion forums, where you can exchange the knowledge, make friends and chat.

eleLarning WordPress plugin - CoursePress group chat
eLearning WordPress plugin – CoursePress group chat

When you activate this eLearning WordPress plugin, an interesting experience that let start with your first course set for a few minutes will be shown to you. Once you’ve got it together, you can choose to use the theme package for a specific course.  For sure, CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin is built compatibly with any WordPress LMS theme. And you can also display, advertise your courses depending on your taste.

eLearning WordPress plugin - CoursePress display and advertise the course
eLearning WordPress plugin – CoursePress display and advertise the course

A noteworthy point is that you can sell and provide certification for online courses easily via WordPress – It is completely free for you.

 eLearning WordPress plugin - Certificate
eLearning WordPress plugin – Certificate

CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin supports over 13 payment methods, you do not need to upgrade to be able do that – It comes with eCommerce solution MarketPress.

 eLearning WordPress plugin - Payment
eLearning WordPress plugin – Payment

CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin is full of features to create a fantastic course meeting the demand of people who create courses and course participants.

LearnPress – eLearning WordPress Plugin

eLearning WordPress plugin - LearnPress
eLearning WordPress plugin – LearnPress

LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin developed by ThimPress – is a comprehensive solution for the creation of a learning management system.

LearnPress also is full of features like CoursePress, you can easily create and sell online courses, create free & premium courses and share your knowledge. In LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin, you have custom post types: courses, lessons, quizzes, questions and certificates.

 eLearning WordPress plugin - LearnPress setting course
eLearning WordPress plugin – LearnPress setting course

With simple interface, user-friendly, all the courses are arranged in one page interface. All lessons controlled in course that lets you easily edit or delete a lesson. Lessons also can be quickly re-ordered by drag & drop manager. With the great UX & UI in the backend, teachers can create and control better course.

eLearning WordPress Plugin - LearnPress course curriculum
eLearning WordPress Plugin – LearnPress course curriculum

I do think that I should mention about the outstanding Statistic option of LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin. This is an advance feature for instructors, administrator to see how the courses or sites are going on. With beautiful charts, you can easily track the certain history of the number of students enrolled in your courses, relation of your courses: pending courses/ publish courses,  free courses/ priced courses.

LearnPress eLearning WordPress enrolled and relation of your courses
eLearning WordPress plugin – enrolled and relation your course

LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin also provides a series of powerful features which I highly recommend you to have look such as: assignment, gradebook, Paid MemberShip Pro, events, myCRED integration, Share Grade, BadgeOS, Content Drip, manually reset quiz for retake, create quiz from random questions in question bank, attachment restriction for lesson, mathjax support, presentation support (maybe support SlideShare), show enrolled user, student ranks, REST API for mobile app, no distraction mode (when doing quiz), report/feedback about a question/quiz/lesson, commission for payment method, instructor’s note, private message from admin to teacher, group payment, announcement (come up with email).

Moreover, LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin supports popular payment methods such as: Paypal, Wepay, Dowlla, Google CheckOut, Amazon Payment… With newly updated export/import feature, you can export courses, lessons, quizzes, questions from a LearnPress WordPress LMS site to back up or bring to another LearnPress site. Furthermore, the application of BuddyPress in LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin helps you run any kind of social network on your WordPress with member profiles, activity streams, user group, messaging… you can communicate with your students or instructor via forum where all members can share their knowledge, understand and more.

CoursePress and LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin have a similar feature that provides certificates to students when they complete the course. But the remarkable thing is LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin not only gives default certificate template but also allow you design certificate by drag & drop manager for each course according to your wishes.

eLearning WordPress Plugin - LearnPress certificate
eLearning WordPress Plugin – LearnPress certificate

LearnPress is really a perfect solution for building learning management systems on WordPress. Above I just introduce the basic features of LearnPress, many other features are waiting for you. Try the to experience, I’m sure it will bring a lot of unexpected things for you.

Which is the better eLearning WordPress plugin for your WordPress site?

The above is my eLearning WordPress Plugin review between CoursePress vs LearnPress, both are best WordPress LMS plugins. Depending on the your demand, you can choose 1 of 2 WordPress LMS plugins.

CoursePress eLearning WordPress plugin with free & pro version of $19 was bundled with tons of features. It comes with every pretty elements you can imagine to build a course – from video, audio and download to the interactive elements such as multiple choice, long form answer, forums for discussion and even live chat integration in your course.

LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin has been designed to be not only super lightweight but it is full of necessary features to construct a comprehensive eLearning WordPress solution such as: assignment, gradebook, Paid MemberShip Pro, events, myCRED integration, Share Grade, BadgeOS, Content Drip, unlimited add-ons… While the free version of CoursePress has limits of two courses, limited payment methods and one – year support, LearnPress offers unlimited courses, lots of free add-ons and whole life support in the free version. LearnPress would be your best ideal if you want to go with a lightweight WordPress LMS system and extend features as you need.

I personally feel two plugins are great and worthy for you to make eLearning website using WordPress. And have you ever tried them? If you are interested in CoursePress and LearnPress eLearning WordPress plugin, please give your comments and we can discuss more, I am willing to share whatever I know about these two WordPress LMS plugins.

I hope this post will address somewhat your inquiries about two WordPress LMS plugins. Wish you have a good choice and best fit.


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2 thoughts on “eLearning WordPress Plugin: CoursePress vs LearnPress

  1. With the highlighted features in this article,this is “likely” to be the best free LMS plugin in the WordPress galaxy.
    N.B: I just came across LearnPress today so not tested yet. Will give a review without the “likely” keyword after testing.

  2. I have been with WPMU’s CoursePress Pro for 10 months right now. It is indeed an amazing plugin, BUT!! Everytime they come up with an upgrade of CP Pro or MarketPress, the ecommerce option, it breaks the install or at least fouls up some part of the functionality. They do have a support team, but it’s like they’re reading from a script, or at least a broken record, telling you to deactivate your plugins(if you can even access your site except through FTP) and then they want you to add code to your htaccess file or change a setting in another Worpress core PHP file. I am continually feeling like I am beta-testing this plugin for them while they attempt to build a stable install. It also broke when WP core ver. 4.3 cam out. Since then, I have had to enroll students manually. They also try to tell you a fix is coming out for that problem in the next upgrade, and that usually breaks something out.

    If you’re a consummate coder you won’t find a more extensive LMS plugin. I’m testing LearnPress myself right now. I have live courses and don’t want to deal with this anymore.

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