Elements of A Good Learning Management System (LMS)

Traditional learning methods with pen and paper showed defects which brought not much learning efficiency. As a natural result, Learning Management System – a smart solution was created. Selecting a good Learning Management System is a key factor for your e-Learning project because it affects all people involved. The question is how can you choose a good one among other? In order to answer this, We need to understand: What elements make a Learning Management System be good?

What is a Learning Management System?

Presently, Learning Management Systems (LMS) is very popular and widely used. It is called by different names such as: Course Management System (CMS), Virtual Learning System (VLS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLI), Learning Content Management System (LCMS ), Learning portal or e-Learning platform. Whatever it is called, the Learning Management System is also pointed to keep the purpose: help teachers, educators manage students, contents and learning resources. In addition, it allows creating reports based on the interaction between students and contents, students and teachers.

Learning Management System is a software application for managing documentation, tracking, reporting, teaching, presentations be distributed via the internet. It is very convenient because learners can learn anytime and anywhere.

The LMS becomes a powerful software for schools, universities, academies, centers, companies specializing in the personnel training and any company that wants to better grasp on the training of its workforce.

Learning Management System
Learning Management System

Elements of a good Learning Management System

There are many elements for a Learning Management System, however in this post I will only under list key factors.

An Easy-to-Use User Interface (UI) and Good User Experience (UX)

UI is the most important element of a Learning Management System because it determine how easily you can make your LMS. One clear situation is that not all users have high competency in informatics technology and a lot of them are just newbies therefore they need something in their hand. Besides that, an easy to use UI also helps shorten your time for configuration. Just with a few clicks, you can easily customize the LMS platform.

Apart from the simplicity of UI, it is also very important to have a good UX in Learning Management System. We have a sentence that “Love at the first sight”, it is true situation if you have a good UX because normally when you have a positive impression with something in first minutes, that might be a right thing you are looking for. The first requirement is an eye-catching design or appearance. Second thing is light-weight-core which reaches exactly demand of customers without bells and whistles. Then coming that, users must feel enjoyed and fun to use the system.

Gamification intergrated

We have a specific post about gamification: Benefits of LMS gamification. Just follow to see why I am saying that gamification is a very important element in Learning Management System and why it should be integrated.

Communication channels

We can not deny advantages of Learning Management System, however the limitation of this platform is poor interaction between teacher and learners because the LMS delivers courses and lessons online. Learning process will be more effective and joyful if We can communicate and share because teacher is not only the person who delivers information and knowledge but also a friend, a classmate.  A Learning Management System is good if it comes along with communication channels which can narrow the gap and improve interaction between teacher and learners, for example: discussion forums, comments, messages, blogs… More than that We also need to bring socialization to LMS where everyone can access to your site by Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram…

Powerful content and page builder

This element is very important because courses, lessons, quizzes and questions, certificates need to be easily created in short time. Besides that contents can be quickly rearranged or reordered. Therefore this tool must be powerful and provide you with all the required options to create and customize your page and contents in a way that eliminates the need for many other external tools. You can reading about SiteOrigin or Visual Composer which are powerful WordPress drag & drop page builders currently for further information.

Analysis system

The analysis system is also so-called: tracking system, reporting system or statistic system. This element is so important because the administrator can have full control of learners’ progress, information of courses, number of courses, number of learners who took courses, track trends, figure out pros and cons of the LMS. From these information, you can find the way to improve your system and engage learners better.


The last element in my list is automation which helps you manage better the Learning Management System. There are several types of automation in LMS such as: automatic notifications for the incoming events, notification for your enrollment in a course, notification that learners are going to complete a course or a lesson, or that your certification will soon expire. Moreover, there are advanced LMSs which allows you to create notifications in specific cases or customize them based on your actual needs or purposes.

I have listed out elements which make a Learning Management System be good according to my personal opinion. If you find another ones, I am pleased to hear your ideas. Besides that if you want to discover about Learning Management System in WordPress platform, or you are finding Best LMS WordPress Themes 2015, I see a useful post which can help you something. And here is the link.


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