LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

In the previous posts, we made reviews and comparisons about LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin, which was expected as a breakthrough by ThimPress author in LMS field (learning management system), with the currently outstanding WordPress LMS plugins, including Courseware vs LearnPress and CourePress vs LearnPress.  Now, we continue the topic, giving a quick review about LearnDash vs LearnPress. These two WordPress LMS plugins LearnDash vs LearnPress transform the WordPress theme into an awesome platform on which you can build your profitable online courses.

LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin – Similarities

Professional solution for LMS

If you are a part of a company, or perhaps a blogger, you are having lots of experiences to share with others – LearnDash vs LearnPress may be good solutions for you. All majors can use both LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin as the lever to deliver their specialized training, from lawyers, medical professionals, marketers to bloggers.

These WordPress LMS plugins give your WordPress site, including WordPress multisites, all necessary features for a WordPress LMS site. LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin work with any WordPress theme and you can customize to match with your look and feel.

As some WordPress LMS plugins, LearnDash vs LearnPress allow creation of unlimited courses, lessons, quizzes and support multimedia lessons. They have a similar feature is providing certificates to students when they complete the course.

All – in – one solutions

With the application of BB Press in LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin  you can communicate with your students or instructor via eLearning WordPress forum where all members can share their knowledge, understanding, inquiries. In addition to, PayPal, WooCommerce , 2Checkout are integrations in the two plugins help you have no payment limitation – important features bring successful courses for sure.

Learndash vs LearnPress comparison about available add-ons
Learndash vs LearnPress comparison about available add-ons
Learndash vs LearnPress comparison about available add-ons
Learndash vs LearnPress comparison about available add-ons


LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin provide a number of options for customizing your LMS.  Like almost plugins, LearnDash vs LearnPress can be customized by overriding CSS code in your template files. You can also create and develop a your own add-on for LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin.

Side – by – side comparisons of LearnDash vs LearnPress

Creating Course, Lesson, Quiz

The main mission of the two WordPress LMS plugins LearnDash vs LearnPress is to transform WordPress themes into LMS themes, so creating the professional courses is the top feature which is concerned mostly. Let’s have an overview about the ability to create course contents.


Creating a course with LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin is a little bit confusing. The setting up a course seems to be a disjointed process. To have a full content for a course, including lessons, quizzes, questions, you need to jump between lesson, quiz menu and link all together with the course.

Quiz in this WordPress LMS plugin is an outstanding feature. There are two types of Quizz in LearnDash that are separate menu items: Simple Quizz and Advanced Quizz. The Advanced Quiz has lots of setting options on a interface: set number of times a Quiz can be repeated, allow to have a “Restart” link or set only one take; enter the points that you would want to award for the question; select types of quiz and answer. You also set knowledge levels for Quiz to rate a user from 1 to 5. This WordPress LMS plugin supports many types of  answers in Quiz: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, “Free” choice, Sorting choice, Matrix Sorting choice, Cloze or Assessment.

Quiz setting comparison of LearnDash vs LearnPress
Advanced quiz settings in LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin
Question type comparison of LearnDash vs LearnPress
LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin question types


LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin doesn’t have more different quiz and question types available than LearnDash does: True/False, Multiple choice, Single choice,  Sorting choice and Fill in blank.  However, LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin comes with a more professional course management ability than LearnDash. All lesson, quiz, question are managed in each course curriculum interface. You don’t need to take some clicking around when creating lesson or quiz as LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin. The excellent user interface helps you make a full course content easily and quickly. The list of prerequisites includes lessons for all courses, so you can add quickly lessons or quiz or you can also re-ordering lessons by drag-and-drop. Furthermore, the setting of course are also performed in course interface. These bring a plus mark for LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin while LearnDash is lack of the flexibility about this.

Course setting comparison of LearnDash vs LearnPress
Course setting of LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin in one-page-interface

Cost and sustainability


An unlimited license for LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin is $99. That means the supporting are available for paying customers only. But purchasing doesn’t mean an eligibility of whole life support. It’s only one year for supporting and updating. Opposite, LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin has an active support forum with the response for questions within a day.


LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin comes with variety of add-ons in spite of a free LMS plugin. Different from other free plugins, ThimPress always focuses on updating functions or add-0ns for LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin. You can use LearnPress with unlimited upgrades and have a customer service without no extra. Users who post a question will also receive a response within a day.



There is a documentation which is a forum with questions asked by users. This is quite good for the deep understanding on learning management system but I wonder why a detail documentation for usage or the unexpected troubles that users often face when using the plugin is not available.


Besides an active support forum, there is a comprehensive docs with images. How to install plugin, how to create course, lesson or quiz and all features of  LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin are displayed in detail.

LearnDash vs LearnPress – Which one?

We can’t deny a fact that LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin do a great job about what they need to do for a LMS site. Both are big rivals in the WordPress LMS arena. Each plugin has its own strength. If you want to create a full learning content with additional bells and whistles such as advanced quiz, LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin is great. If you’re the person who build a serious online learning system for lots of LMS sites, LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin is a better choice for all necessary features and financial savings.

If you’ve had any experience of LearnDash vs LearnPress or have a question, put your thoughts below, we’d love to hear from you :)


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11 thoughts on “LearnDash vs LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

  1. I have been testing the waters in LMS platforms. I am trying LearnPress. i would like more quiz functions but I can find them elsewhere. I am curious why it is free? Not Complaining! Also must evaluate the cost to manage students and ecommerce. So far I am having a little trouble customizing the opening page since it looks so simple. Probably just need to stay up all night and become an “expert”. :) I often find very simple things i want to do difficult, then am amazed at how easy is……thanks for the great review.

  2. I haven’t had a very good experience with LearnDash.com

    I purchased Learn Dash this week to build a website for English learning online . On the website, I thought I was paying $99 as I clicked “Buy Now” under a huge $99 sign. After purchasing I noticed that $129 was deducted from my account. Apparently, I should’ve entered a coupon in order to get the discount. I felt tricked about this, so I wrote to them. Very promptly, they told me they’d refund the $30. However, a few days later another $99 was taken from my account. After two days of speaking with Kloe at LearnDash.com, I’m still no nearer to finding out what happened, let alone getting my money back. My last email hasn’t been replied to, so I guess I won’t hear back from them.

    In general, I haven’t had a chance to try the software yet, but I’m very disappointed with the company. I hope the plugin is good enough to justify the $228 that I’ve spent on it.

    1. Unfortunately, LearnPress not yet supports 2Checkout for payment. LearnPress now support 4 ways of payment: 1. Paypal, 2. Integrate with WooCommerce, 3. Stripe and 4. Offline Payment. I think LearnPress would develop the feature supporting 2Checkout soon after the plugin 1.0 solves all small bugs.

      p.s: If you want this feature very soon, you should raise a request on LearnPress official github repo: https://github.com/LearnPress/LearnPress , or forum on WordPress.org: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/learnpress

  3. LearnDash is a nightmare and waste of money. If you’re a sadomasochist that likes senseless logic, constant problems and outbursts of anger that will boil your blood, then LearnDash will work great. I have never come to loath anything as much as I do this plugin. I have literally been so enraged by this plugin that I’ve actually had moments where I was convinced that some sadistic developer for the sole intent of torture people online.

    Perhaps my experience with LearnDash is nothing but an abnormality, but a cursory glance at the discussion forum tends to show the same problems over and over, and Justin’s favorite response is blaming some other plugin or theme, and advising users to troubleshoot the problem by disabling plugins one at a time. Granted, this will generally result in narrowing down the problem to some other plugin being incompatible, which isn’t covered by support. I would be shocked if anyone could produce a single plugin that is actually compatible. And if you should be lucky enough to get everything working perfectly, don’t get too comfortable, because some update will come along, and you too will become a member of the “incompatible hell”. What is really ironic, though, is how LearnDash likes to brag about its compatibility with nearly all themes & plugins.

    Oh, and if you want to organize your courses categorically, think again. You will end up having the categories for courses essentially merged with categories used for blogging, except no courses will display on the front end. Ask Justin about this, and he’ll tell this is in accordance with proper WordPress coding to ensure compatibility with themes & plugins, although I’ve never come across any other plugin where this has been the case.

    Unless you are planning to have a WordPress site that uses the most basic theme with NO OTHER plugin, then I promise you nothing but constant problems, and there are plenty of LMS standalone solutions that will work better. I really see no use for LearnDash whatsoever. It’s a waste of money, time and sanity that you’ll never get back. While I’ve just recently started to use LearnPress, my experiences so far have been great.

  4. I have a site (mycrosswordmaker.com) which accepts payment for digital downloads already vis paypal and WooCommerce. This works nicely. Enter LearnPress and PayPal payments for courses as not accepted. “… there is an error with paypal email…”

    Any thoughts?

    1. Sorry for late reply.
      For this issue, kindly create a topic at the support forum of ThimPress: thimpress.com
      Their developers will assist you.

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