LMS WordPress Plugin: Courseware vs LearnPress

In my previous post, I introduced you the LMS WordPress Plugin – LearnPress. However in order to help you understand more about LMS WordPress Plugin and to help you have more choices, today I am going to make a further LMS WordPress plugin comparison between: Courseware by Fly Plugin – building and selling online courses with WordPress and LearnPress by ThimPress – an easy to use learning management system.

Overview of Courseware and LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin:

First of all, let see similar things and different things between these two lms WordPress plugins in the table below:

Features Courseware LearnPress
Unlimited Courses Yes Yes
Multimedia lessons Yes Yes
Unlimited quizzes/ questions Yes Yes
Compatible with any theme Yes Yes
Email notification Yes Yes
Create certificate Yes Yes
Statistics No Yes
Forum Yes Yes
Support 1 year whole life
Charge 99$ for 2 site license Yes
Add-ons Premise, Memberpress, Membersonic, Wishlist, s2 Member, Member Mouse, Magice Members, Paid Memberships Pro, WP achievements, Exchange, Easy Digital Downloads, Woocommerce Wishlist, Course Review, Import/Export, Prerequisites Courses, bbPress Integration, BuddyPress Integration, Certificates add-on, Collections add-on, Stripe Payment method, WooCommerce.
 Develop add-ons  No  Yes

In my post, I am not going to repeat general information of each LMS WordPress plugin such as: how courses, modules, lessons/ units, quizzes, questions, certificate are created since these things are covered in documentation or tutorial video. My intention is just give out the comparison.

Courseware LMS WordPress Plugin

In Courseware LMS WordPress Plugin, courses, lessons, topics and assignments are built as different post types and so if you’re looking at lessons, you can see lessons that are only in a specific course. No need for you to have all look of them.

Courseware lms wordpress plugin
Courseware lms wordpress plugin

There are 4 types of quizzes in Courseware LMS WordPress plugin: multiple choice, true or false, open-ended and file uploaded.  You can use course progress blocking or non-blocking quizzes depending on your demand. In the meanwhile, currently LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is supporting only three types of quiz: multiple choice, single choice and true or false. As the announced planning, ThimPress is developing 2 other types of quizz:  sorting choice and fill in blank which will be released soon. Then wait and see what is coming?

A plus point for Courseware LMS WordPress plugin is the focus on membership add-ons such as Memberpress, Membersonic, s2 Member, Member Mouse, Magice Members, Paid Memberships Pro. With the role of s2 Member add-on, access permissions will be automatically added to every post in order to keep class materials in confidential. For LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin, anyone outside can easily take out class materials. And the payment methods of LearnPress is also not as variant as Courseware LMS WordPress plugin because there is no Paid Memberships Pro add-on in LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin.

WP Courseware WordPress Learning Management System
WP Courseware WordPress Learning Management System

An extra feature of Courseware LMS WordPress plugin which is not available in LearnPress is course outline. That means the visitors can view some outline courses by registering or enrolling. You can create a course outline or course progress page via shortcode. The course progress shortcode is dynamic and displays the courses your students are enrolled in while displaying their current progress.

CourseWare outline course
CourseWare outline course

LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin

Similar to Courseware LMS WordPress plugin, courses, lessons, quizzes, questions and certificates in LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin are separated Custom Post Types. However, i recognized that course creation in LearnPress seems to be easier than in Courseware LMS WordPress plugin. All the course settings of LearnPress is in one-page-interface and you can easily reorder the course curriculum part by drag & drop manager, in the meanwhile you have to follow several steps to configure courses in CourseWare. Anyway, as a result you can configure deeply for courses of CourseWare LMS WordPress plugin.

The screenshot shows all the course settings of LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is in one-page-interface

LearnPress wordpress lms plugin - curriculum & settings
LearnPress wordpress lms plugin – curriculum & settings

The screenshot shows several settings must be followed in Courseware LMS WordPress plugin:

CourseWare LMS WordPress Plugin
CourseWare LMS WordPress Plugin


CourseWare LMS WordPress Plugin - access
CourseWare LMS WordPress Plugin – access

More than that, LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is an add-on-oriented- plugin which means LearnPress only focuses on the most important features or functions of the plugin as a learning management system and other additional features will be in roles of add-ons. This outstanding difference makes LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin be a lightweight core and load faster than CourseWare. Beside that, as a developer, you also can build your own add-ons if you need for LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin

LearnPress - Add-ons
LearnPress – Add-ons

Another plus point for LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is the appearance of UX and UI in the backend which would be much more convenient for the instructor to create and manage courses. You also can find it easy to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it. All lessons are controlled in Course which makes easier to edit or remove a lesson.

LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin Feature
LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin Feature

On the other hand, for LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin, the front end layout of pages such as course, lesson, quiz…is separated into template parts. Therefore, when the user wants to edit any part, she/he can easily copy one file in the template of LearnPress and then create an equivalent file with same name and same path in LearnPress folder installed in any theme and to customize theme as expected. However, Courseware LMS WordPress plugin is a complete plugin and is not separated with theme, therefore it seems to be difficult to change templates.

Last but not least, when you are planning to purchase any product, i am so sure that apart from quality, the price and support policy are also your consideration. LearnPress is a free LMS WordPress plugin but it offers a continuous development and whole-life support. Wow! I do not know what are you thinking but i am deeply impressed of that.


Above is my comparison between Couseware and LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin, depending on your using purposes you can select one of two LMS WordPress plugins for your learning management system. Courseware LMS WordPress plugin has longer history and it has been used by universities, famous brand names such as Miami university, Emory University, Sheraton, Lexis Nexis… while LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin has been newly built some weeks ago. It is suitable for internal training system of companies, for selling free or premium online courses and for course markets such as Udemy, Coursera, Edx, …


5 out of 5 stars based on 105 rating(s).

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